I didn’t know a whole lot about Singapore when I booked my flight there but I had seen pictures of Gardens by the Bay before and I knew I would love it — and I was right.

With over 1 million plants, Gardens by the Bay became the number one attraction in Singapore since its opening in 2012. The nature park spans 101 hectares in the middle of the city right next to the Marina and consists of 3 waterfront gardens: Bay South Garden, Bay East Garden and Bay Central Garden.


The main attractions are the Supertree Grove, the OCBC Skyway, the Flower Dome and the Cloud Forest. You can do all of them in half day if you’re in a tight schedule or one full day to enjoy it better! Make sure to see it at both day and night, though. If you have more than one day to dedicate to this attraction, explore the other areas of the Garden — there’s so much to see!

Supertree Grove


I would argue that the Supertree Grove is the most recognizable attraction in Singapore and it was for sure my favorite. Supertrees are iconic tree-like structures measuring between 25 (82 ft) and 50 meters (160 ft) tall that are actually vertical gardens with over 200 species and varieties of plants. There are 18 Supertrees around the park, 12 of them can be found together at the Supertree Grove. The best part? It’s free to see them from the ground and wander around the Supertree Grove!

If you think they’re beautiful during the day wait until they come alive at night, especially during the Garden Rhapsody show. The supertrees become a thrilling display of light and music and it’s impossible not to fall in love. The show happens twice every night and it’s free!


OCBC Skyway

Although beautiful from the ground, the best views of the Supertrees are from higher up: the OCBC Skyway. The 128-metre-long elevated walkway connects two Supertrees and passes among many others. This paid attraction offers stunning panoramic aerial views of the Marina Bay skyline and the Gardens and is an experience not to be missed in Singapore. The stroll along the OCBC Skyway doesn’t take long and can be enjoyed both during the day and at night.


Flower dome

The largest of the two cooled conservatories in the complex, the Flower Dome is the largest glass greenhouse in the world (it’s on the Guinness book!) and replicates a mild, dry climate featuring plants from places like the Mediterranean and other semi-arid regions around the world. The spectacular structure and its seven gardens will amaze you! Plan around 1 hour to enjoy this attraction.


Cloud Forest

The Cloud Forest is my favorite conservatory. Right in the middle of the giant glass structure stands an imposing man-made mountain with the tallest indoor waterfall in the world, showcasing plant life and cool moist conditions from tropical highlands.

Night Falls in Cloud Forest

The cloud mountain has several levels that can be accessed by stairs, escalators or elevator. Take the lift to the top of the mountain and make your way down. Each level has a different theme and visitors can take a stroll on a circular aerial walkway to enjoy breathtaking views of the mountain.


Additional tips

By now you are probably convinced that Gardens by the Bay is the best attraction in Singapore just like I am, so here’s my final tips for you:

  • Because the Flower Dome and Cloud Forest are indoor, they’re great activities for a rainy day — so check the weather forecast for your trip and plan accordingly
  • The Garden Rhapsody show at the Supertree Grove is short but it’s free and straight out of a fairytale, so don’t miss it! If I had to choose between the The Wonder Full show at the Marina Bay and the Rhapsody show at the Supertree Grove, I would pick the later.
  • You can dine and/or get drinks at the top of the tallest Supertree for 360 degree views
  • Singapore can be very hot – make sure to hydrate often while exploring the gardens!

Have fun!


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