Who doesn’t love a delicious dessert? For those with a sweet tooth, I’m going to share with you my favorite place to eat sweets in New York City: Spot Tapas Dessert Bar. Famous for its American desserts with an Asian twist, Spot’s menu displays creative yet mouthwatering dishes. I’m glad I don’t live nearby, otherwise I would have a few extra pounds 🙂

Founded by restaurateurs Ace Watanasuparp and Chai Huadwattana in a partnership with the Thai Iron chef Ian Kittichai, Spot Dessert Bar opened its first location in November of 2009 in St. Marks, East Village, and has been a hit since then. Often crowded and with long wait times, Spot expanded to a second location just a few doors down on the same street to allow for more seating. Upon its huge success, other two locations were open in NYC: one in Korea Town and another in Queens.


The Culinary Experience

The chef knows how to play with flavors and presentation — each dessert is meticulously crafted and looks like a true piece of art. I was completely wowed when the server brought our desserts!You know those dishes too beautiful to be eaten? But it’s not only about how it looks: the combination of unexpected flavors create a culinary experience you simply can’t miss.

Spot’s menu features many different creative desserts, including their 3 signature dishes: the crispy and delicious Golden Toast, the exquisite The Harvest and the moist and molten Matcha Lava. The menu changes regularly based on seasonality and new inspirations, which makes it fun to visit multiple times in the year.


The best way to have the full experience is to go with 5 or more friends and order the Omakase option, which is in essence a tasting menu of 6 dishes (you can choose), plus a tea pot and some cookies for the group to share. For smaller parties, a great alternative is their tapas option for 2, 3 or 4 people, which includes from 3 to 5 dishes depending on the size of the group.

My favorite: The Harvest

Although I haven’t tried all their desserts, my absolute favorite is The Harvest. It’s a very realistic looking potted plant paired with a little pitcher of milk tea to ”water the plant” before eating. The dessert is accompanied by a refreshing berry sorbet, oreo crumbles and berry puree, all in a beautiful and fun presentation.

The “dirt” is made of oreo crumbles and the plant is a sprig of parsley. The pot has 10 delicious layers: oreos crumbles, moist cake, strawberry gel, strawberries, whipped cream, berries, meringues, soft cheesecake, more oreo crumbles and chocolate pearls on top. Yummy!


The price

With a very fair price for NYC standards, it is definitely worth every penny on a special occasion, an evening with friends or if you’re visiting the city. Each tapa costs $9.95 and the portion can easily be shared. The price per dessert is a little lower if you go in a small group and choose one of their options of 3-5 dishes to share or if you do the Omakase option on a group of 5 or more.


For the serious dessert lover, Spot is a must go. Their desserts are decent portions, full of flavor, creatively designed and aesthetically pleasing. For an afternoon with friends or a date night, the dessert bar is a true culinary experience.

Each dessert is an exquisite work of art and the creative yet harmonious combination of Eastern and Western influences makes this place unique and fun. With a great atmosphere and very welcoming staff, make sure to visit Spot Dessert bar and indulge yourself on your next trip to New York City!


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